Deep Sea Fishing! {Catch Clean Cook} Mahi Piccata

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It is so much fun going fishing with my wife!!! She went from a Midwest girl to my hot momma with a taste for the salt life!!!
HUGE shout out to the Buena Vista Sport Fishing Lodge for the AMAZING hospitality and wonderful memories!!! We will never forget this trip and can’t wait to do it again!!!
Huge shout out to my friend, Capt. Jake Hiles @Fishingwiththematador for setting this trip up!!!
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  • I subscribed in 2014, have liked and commented on literally every video hoping to help out the channel, its been a awesome ride watching this awesome family grow and flourish, best outdoor channel on you tube by far. They had like 175,000 subs when i subscribed and are now at 2.62 million. Thats great but this channel should have 4 times that in my opinion, i am a sub of a great channel called demolition ranch and matt has near 10 million subs, honestly this channel should be around that, spread the word people, deer meat for dinner needs to be on everybody's sub list

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  • I don’t eat fish. But after watching your videos, I think I might have to start. You guys makes it looks soooo good 😭😭

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  • Viva Guatemala love your videos 🇬🇹

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  • I remember watching your channel when you had a small condo with a stream or river in the back yard and you were a captain on a private ship before you got married. I remember you wedding videos too, man time flies.

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  • Love from india punjab i start watched your video in year 2016 👍

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  • The well-to-do rubber superficially spray because nail dentsply fix concerning a teeny-tiny horse. fanatical, nonstop throat

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  • I've been subbed...oooof..since forever. I've known of your channel before you knew Sarah. I don't remember what meal you cooked which is how I found you...but it was something cooking. I was an instant fan. Single dad of 2 boys, growing up with your family. We have the USA shirts from when you went to the (red sea?) Team USA. My boys got the shirts and the neck gators...or what ever they are called. Anyway, we've been fans forever and watched a ton. God bless you and your family. Would love to meet you all someday...

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  • i want in on what happened to old mate s foot

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  • This cool

  • Best videos

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  • Wow Robert I’ve got to say you are an amazing man who deserves to be blessed. You inspire so many. It’s crazy to see aria already going to school too lol I’ve been a fan for a very long time!

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  • Mahi is some of my favorite fish!

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  • Love this video. You guys got to have school uniforms that sucks

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  • I’ve been a fan since that long!

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  • Just made me hungry

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  • I don’t know like 5-6 years.

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  • Watching your videos makes me wish i had a boat i would never be home. I love all your videos they make me want to be on the water. One day ill get offshore 🚢. Keep them coming

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  • I was a fan since you were engaged

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  • I wasn’t a fan before aria was born but I was when she was maybe like 5 or 6 months old

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  • Mr. and Mrs. Arrington, I have been watching for 7 years now, I am 19 and you have been a huge inspiration in my life and have changed my perspective on my day to day life. I hope that you continue your channel till the day you die, as I will always be watching.

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  • Very inspiring video bro. From the Nederlands

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  • 3:29 that seems like a bad way to leave the boat. I Fr thought his legs got chopped off by the propeller the way he went in. Feel like it was a very close call and no one even knew.

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  • Uncle bolte bolte

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  • I've never eaten any fish before, I'm really scared of trying them out lol, my parents never liked them and have never taught me to eat it, so I've never actually eaten it. What should I start with? I'm 20 y/o lol Much love from Denmark

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    • If you can get Basa that would be a good place to start, it's also sold as River Cobbler. Not a strong tasting or smelling fish, when i worked as a fishmonger we recommended it to people who wanted to try fish but didn't like the smell of fish

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  • Your video:s make my days!!

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  • Look at that water though, never seen any water in a long time that make us feel so welcomed and being there with you..and yes,.been watching since you two were in the apartment with your three'd fish off your dock..

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  • You seem so real, genuine and grateful. Please don’t ever lose those qualities.

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  • DELICIOUS.........

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  • You were still a ship captain when I found your channel.

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  • I’ve been a fan since I was 13 I’m 20 now and still watch to this day! Would love to fish with you someday!

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  • Me I have been a fan of ur channel for awhile now , I love ur channel !!!

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  • A) I'm commenting because this video had 666 comments so I had to do something about it. B) I literally had to pause the video and think about what you said. About how you weren't sad that your trip was ending, but you're excited to plan the next one. That's such a cool outlook on life. Thanks for all the great vids.

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  • I love you brother thank you for visiting our country

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  • from inonesia

  • I got so excited when you hooked that marlin that my wife came over to see if I was OK because I had headphones on and was breathing funny! LOL. I am an avid fisherman living here in BC catching big Chinook salmon from time to time. But I dream someday of having a Marlin on the line! Wouldn't mind some Mahi either. Thanks for you excellent vids. I am now a subscribed fan!

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  • Plated beautifully ❤

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  • Mr. Rob, it'd be cool if you did a partner up with Ace Videos.

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    • Yes

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  • also ive never been out of the state of Michigan and really wanna catch and try ocean fish it would mean the world if i got to meet you i grew up without my father im 14 and love the outdoors please see this comment and consider this:)

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  • try to get drone footage when u spear em

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  • That sucks you lost all your stuff I hear that happens a lot when you travel to South America

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  • I've only ever tried mahi once n that was when i went on holiday from uk to Spain. Would love one day to go around the world n try new fish. Love the vids keep up the good work❤

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  • Fantastic video! Love seeing all that wildlife that we currently can’t really see in Florida!

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  • lol she looks exactly like the fish

  • Hey Rob just got back from 6 days at Buena Vista, after you. Jody's a friend and we have been going at least once a year for 6 years. Anyway, this trip I had 9 guys. Some of us spun out and went to Lake Atitlán, and stayed at Ulysses drove us there and back the next day. Check it out, it's great place to overnight and see some Mayan ruins along the way. Safe to go into town with Sahara too. Reminded me of the streets in Isla Mujeres. Even took a couple of pics for Stanzfam to promote his efforts. Keep up the good work, your neighbor Capt Jay (behind the Dune Dog).

  • I watched your family grow

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  • That's it , im quiting my job and going to live off the land in the swamp. LOL

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  • My husband is a huge fan of you! I was wondering for his birthday if he would be able to go out on a boat fishing trip with you! We live in Tampa Florida. I will pay you to do it! He would be so stoked to even meet you!

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    • He can’t pick just one lol

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  • I love your channel I've been with you since before aria was born and I have been so inspired and have made changes to my life

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  • Good content from SaudiArabia

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  • meanwhile, the government is ruining the lives of everyone Rob is being rich and is mad that his marlin got loose

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    • Shut up

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