Bowfishing for THOUSANDS of Massive FLYING FISH!!! {Catch Clean Cook} ASIAN CARP

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Asian carp have invaded many US rivers!!! They have no natural predators and are reproducing at an astonishing rate!!! They are out of control!!!!
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  • Not gonna lie the content of this video is hilarious, you can't help but laugh. But the predicament of these Asian carp is absolutely detrimental to the waterway they're fishing on and the surrounding waterways. These fish will DECIMATE the ecosystem and ERADICATE any sportfishing you enjoy. They have zero natural predators - and they reproduce and consume at a rate that leaves waterways destroyed. If these fish enter the Great Lakes water way system, within 15-20 years the walleye and smallmouth bass fishery will be destroyed. This isn't hyperbole, this is a major threat to us who enjoy recreational fishing. Write to your Midwest representatives about the danger these fish pose to our lifestyle, force legislation to try and stop the proliferation of Asian carp before it's too late. My grandfather introduced me to the amazing fishery that is the Great Lakes. I'd hate to not be able to continue that with my grandchildren.

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  • Im from flint Michigan and was raised by a single mom and two older sisters so I have never in my life had a day like this.. I watch you and many other youtubers because i was never taught how to be a man and father and I have a daughter im raising alone because her mom split over 10 years ago and she's 14 years old now and I don't know how much you and many others have helped me over the years and I want to thank you if you read this.. I don't know if you youtubers know how much you affect poor people like me or people in situations like mine.. I will never experience fishing like this or on the ocean and you give us a glimpse into what life could of been like if I was born into a normal not broke family in the

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  • My God, you dont have respect for the animal life, you cut the fish Alive!!!!!!!!! Horrible thing to see!!!!!!

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  • go to 11.38 in the the three dots at the bottom right hand corner of the video, click "report" "violent or repulsive content" and then finally choose "animal abuse" under the options available. explain how he just filleted a fish while it is still alive, flapping around and breathing.... If you are going to fillet a fish while it is still alive, then at least blur it out or something. thats what other channels have to do... dispatching a fish takes seconds, there was no excuse for that.. people can argue all they want about how that is their way of life, which is totally fine I am not here to argue with that at all, you do whatever you want as far as i'm concerned i dont care... but this guy is getting payed off youtube, and they have certain rules and regulations for content, animal cruelty being one of them....and it is a place where you are not allowed to show stuff like that. if you do, then you should be reported for it. simple.

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  • You mentioned that you thought that the large flatheads tasted fishy. Cut out the red as usual and trim the fat. We eat 20+ lb catfish all the time and the flatheads in my opinion are as good as or better than walleye.

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  • I’m not a fishing expert. However, that fish was definitely alive when he first started cutting. Nerves my Black @$$!

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  • Best way to get rid of the fishy taste on catfish is to cut the tail off and bleed them for 45 minutes

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  • Man had a rough day at work and came home to chill and see what u had uploaded and man when u guys were laughing so hard at those fish I laughed like I was there and it was all good baby !!!! Awesome video loves and thanks as always for the great content.

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  • whats the tool that bearded guy has at 13.43?

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  • In America where we electrocute fishes then laugh 😂🇺🇸

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  • Carp is the most eaten fresh water fish in the world. Asians and Europeans absolutely love them. Me not so much

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  • 9:14 that fish traps is exactly same design as my father’s.

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  • Rob I want to go fishing with you! What do I gotta do?!

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  • You don't need a weapon or tackle to get them just drive back and forth they jump in the boat

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  • I like Spanky, he’s funny 😂😂

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  • Enviarme a pescar un día vivo en Washington dc plz🇸🇻

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  • What happened to the fried carp??

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  • My favorite part was SHAKE N BAKE

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  • The whole video. That's my favorite part.

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  • Robert, I pastor up in Brevard Florida and I want to bless a pastor friend with a fishing trip to Stuart. I’ve been a fan of yours before your girls were born. Could you recommend a public bottom fishing charter and if we can afford it a private charter? Love you Brother! My email is

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  • Sad thing bout these invasive fish they're literally killing off are native species real fast by eating there eggs and inything in there path

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  • This is the fun stuff we do in the Missouri River. When we were younger we would spend whole weekends on the river, pitch a tent and stay for a long weekend on a sandbar somewhere on the river.

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  • You can find that fish fry at restaurant depot.

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  • Have you done an Arapaima, catch, clean & cook yet?

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  • Just a question..cast netting??

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  • Got eemm

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  • Hey rob iknow this out of no where but Take cliff to a fishing trip or hunting 🤣 his personality funny

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  • Show us how to clean the silver carp! You can't tease that title and not deliver on it.

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  • Why not use a cast subscribe one time yweewwwww

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  • Look so enjoyable I want to join too!

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  • Looks like you had a lot of fun making this video. Live Hard, Pray Harder. God bless.

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  • Idk if you or your brother is my favorite AMworldsr Crazy video checking in from Pensacola Fl

  • it was all really cool hard to pick a favorite spot did you eat any of that Asian carp

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  • Boat caught the first and 2md fish while rob still having a hard time bow fishing the rascals!😅

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  • Hoping can experience that happiness with you someday

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  • I thought that's was only in Africa catfish like that I never know that was in America to I like it

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  • Mans literally butchered that catfish while it was still alive lol😂😂 but I loved the vid💪🏾💪🏾

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  • I was laughing with y’all too and I don’t even know what we’re laughing about hahahah

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  • You also gonna do an Asian carp catch clean and cook?

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  • This was mad funny hahaha

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  • we all know that was not just nerves. i'm not trippin but just sayin.

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  • That's that's just nerves..😬😜

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  • Do u soak em in salt water ... To see if they have wotms or parasites Just saying....

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    Teresa BowenTeresa Bowen4 օր առաջ
  • Imagine going under the knife and not being able to do anything about it and watching and feeling pieces of you getting sliced off... sickening.

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  • I liked and subscribed and I turned on the post notifications. My favorite video is the Asian carp frenzy!

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  • you wont reply but can you do a largemouth bass fishing video :) love your videos when covid cools down i wanna come to florida my aunt lives there and i want to fish thats all i do here in canada but i wanna experience florida fishing

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  • That's fun out there all the fish put on a show

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  • ...never laughed so hard listening to the laugher coming out of that boat... hilarious!

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  • Qhy even bow fish when you can just rev up the motor and let the carp jump in the boat. Easiest catch of all time!!

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  • Leave them in the sun for 2 hours what

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  • I remember subscribing to this channel in 2013 when it had 2k subs.

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  • I never heard Robs actual laugh before. That was awesome. Probably even a better experience. Rob laughing made it that more funnier. Thumbs up DMFD 👍

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  • "Have you ever made a last second decision and it turned out to be one of the best moments of your life?" This man's answer: yes

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  • Man that looks like a great time!

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  • enjoying as rest of your videos.. but humble request please brain kill the fish first before taking some meat off it

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  • That man didn't even took the time to kill the fish he just processed it alive 😠 Bruh i don't have single thing against this but atleast do it humanely .....?

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  • This fish will go extinct if he ever came to Indonesian river 😂

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  • 11:00 could’ve at least knocked the catfish out before filleting it lol

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  • "Quick snipes"

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  • Marksman

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  • 1:06 RIP Brandons arm😂😂

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  • Hey Rob when I clean catfish I always cut off the end of the tail and bleed it out. It will get rid of most of the blood for you.

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  • Have you ever hunted a elk before?

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  • "thats just nerves" LMFAOOOOOOOO

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  • You are an inspiration to me and im pretty sure i can say the same thing for plenty of people. Keep up the amazing videos.

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  • Although this is invasive species this is actually good to eat just wash it with vinegar and salt and rinse it thoroughly and your good to go best with coconut milk we call it mamale in our local dialect

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  • Hey Rob it looks like wherever you go you get good catch 😀. Maybe because you have a good heart. Your uploads are so relaxing to watch. God bless you and your family.

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  • The fish stuck in the stump takes the cake!

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  • What state was this?!

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  • WOOT!!! Get those invasive species!!! In most of Europe they eat carp for Christmas dinner. Europeans tend to marinate their carp in milk with chopped garlic, or just in a ziplock bag with sliced onions the night before cooking it.

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  • That catfish needed a hit upside its head before slicing him up, geez

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  • One more one more

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  • Long time follower/sub. Just want to tell you there was at least 12 advertising interruption in this video... 😔👎

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  • Stop grinding your motor, you're scaring the fish. Jump in and join the fish and you'll find out what's happening to them. While there, catch me a couple.

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  • Those fish chicharrones looks delicious

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  • I've had so many unplanned amazing days and weeks in my life I can't count!! I've had a good life and the farthest thing from wealthy, just made good choices after learning from the mistakes I've made.. Thanks for sharing brother much love and respect from Colorado!!💪👊🍻

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  • A decent size fish like that for only a small bit of meat? What a waste of animal.

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  • That laughter is so contagious. Thank you buddy I really needed that you're awesome man

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  • Fishing nets invented in 8300 BC People Before:

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  • Please kill all you can , they are heading for Michigan and will destroy the Great Lakes, go get some dynamite 🧨

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