Famous YouTuber gets WORKED by MASSIVE Fish! {Catch Clean Cook} fresh fish over open fire!

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It's an honor to have the opportunity to make videos like this and to tell my story! Huge Shout out to @Kendall Gray Had a blast and look forward to doing it again!!!
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  • Inserts all day long plenty of room and shelter for the wee ones if it gets rough out on the sea.

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  • Both boats are beautiful but I’m jealous that Kendall gray got to go fishing with you I don’t know you but I’d like to go thank you have a great day bye

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  • Get a catamaran. I work on 2 different ones in alaska I live here full time I love them

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  • Hey Robert, really enjoy your channel. I was quarantined with covid, and all I watched was deer meat for dinner for 2 weeks.

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  • I just wanted to say thank you for leading me to Everglades Fish and Chicken, dude it’s awesome. Just caught some Snapper and used it and it was great.

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  • Man I love the Insetta. It’s smooth and cuts through the water like nobody’s business.

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  • Kendall be hiding his identity

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  • Hello deermeatfordinner...am from Kenya and am a big fun of you..one day come to Kenya and we fish together.. Big love

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  • 12:19 lmao made it look like that's what he was pulling. good one good one.

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  • I grew up cooking over an open wood fire either in the fireplace or outside over a tractor wheel and have cooked everything from hotdogs to steaks 🥩 and chicken leg quarters. Seeing you talking to the policeman makes me think of some of the people and friends who I grew up with, our police chief is a good friend of mine along with several of his policemen and detectives and also our sheriff was the classes in high school above me and is a avid hunter and all of them are super nice people

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  • Hey Robert my name is Travis (like the officer :))out here in jamaica. I love your channel, i love your family, you have a huge heart and a big soul and I have huge respect for you brother. Everytime I watch you of your brothers channel my faith in humanity gets restored. Please never stop making videos bro. PS. What's happening with the fish city? I would love to see a video on that. All the best bro.

  • I watch all of your videos over and over again. I especially like the alligator and wild boar that you video. I would like for you to invite Kindel Gray again. I like that video so much. I laughed at that video and I am still laughing now even when I think about it. My daughter asked me what was so funny and I told her what I was looking at and she laughed as well. I really enjoy what you and Sarah are doing, and I love you guys so much. I don't look at regular TV often anymore, I will watch you and Sarah over and over again , that's how much I enjoy you all's videos. May God continue to bless you and your family. Thanks for what you do. Pat

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  • Rob, I need a favor if you're so inclined. I dont have iguanas up here in jax but I'm curious if they'd make good for buffalo wings. if you're up to it, Catch a few and cook the legs exactly like a Sports bar would cook buffalo wings. Im betting we could start a new craze, "Florida wings!"

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  • "Do we know what it is?" "Its a fish." lolololololoool

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  • I can’t tell you enough how much I enjoy your videos. I’m a Christian and father of 4 girls and an outdoorsman. Hopefully one day I can meet you and maybe fish with you.. To God Be the Glory

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  • hi robert. im a fan of your's , im from the philippines. . . like you, i love fishing, i am enjoying every video you are uploading. wish i have a gear like your's to use. . but thing are tight that's why watching in your video is enough for me to satisfy myself. thank you for the experience you giving to me and your youtube family, always prying for your safety .

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  • I thought it was super awesome how are you genuinely gave that officer your knife. I would love to have some of those knives just not sure which ones would be best for me. If you have a chance to read this send me a message back and let me know which one, two, or three knives would be great to have. Thanks

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  • New sub here. This channel is just so wholesome and uplifting. Want to say thank you for being a positive influence on the Internet.

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  • I'm Officer Martinez down here in Miami, you can take me fishing anytime....lol I've been on Contenders my whole life, but that cat hull is sick as heck and the platform on that boat is sick man!!! I'd have to say go with the cat, although i loved my 31 Contender to death, i still regret getting rid of it. Thanks for the shout out to Law Enforcement brother, i've been a marine patrol officer down here in Miami for the past 18years. Its been a very rewarding career, but I always appreciate the kinds words for the men and women in law enforcement!

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  • 1. try out spiral wrapped rods, take a load off your hands and especially your wrists - look at how Kendall's rod twists & wobbles in his hands. 2. drag settings - Kendall's drag was stuttering and sure enough it broke off. drags require care & maintenance to be smooth, which is what's needed, not stutter. btw, as line on the spool reduces, the drag increases. ... Kendall, dude, y'don't really need muscles. y'need proper/right/suitable gear and stamina, not bulk..

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  • Found the page via ol' KG and I'm lovin' it. How's the hog hunting in late July early August?

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