Fishing For the Fastest FISH in the World!!! {Catch Clean Cook} The Bahamas

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It's an honor to have the opportunity to make videos like this and to tell my story! If you'd like to know more about the place we were staying in the Bahamas, check out:
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  • Try in India to fish because u don't worry about size and as much as u can catch the fish😁

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  • Bro fish need silence bro trust me pls do it in a vid and see trust me I know 🇦🇪

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  • I know this was in the Bahamas but this is why I love Florida. Fishing year round Hunting in the back yard. Always a great day. God bless

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  • 2 hour drive on a boat?

    Teagen NiemeyerTeagen Niemeyer2 օր առաջ
  • Please come to northern abaco to fishing and visit please 😅

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    • Bahamas

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  • Wow nice fishing

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  • Been enjoying your videos for years Rob but I have to ask where the hell are all your black friends in Florida ?

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  • hey brother any substitutes for the dony?

    killa jakilla ja6 օր առաջ
  • Dude, your like a master chef. That looked so good. Do you have a web page with a cook book?

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  • The fish even hit the dance with em 😭😭

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  • Hell yeah MSG!!

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  • U do greatest videos men

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  • Not the fastest fish in the world.. your "Wahoo" 48mph.. Marlin and swordfish up to 80mph

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  • I wish that Africa was like that I will never be doing wrong things

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  • Man is a hunter this man proves it

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  • I'm your biggest fan!

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  • I've caught a million of them. One of my good friends Brian Cardwell hold the state record in Texas at around 120 pounds. I helped them unload it out of the boat. 30 to 60 lb is perfect for eating. To me and a lot of other people they are the best eating fish in the water. Grouper is fantastic. Hogfish is absolutely amazing. Tilefish which is a type of grouper is also very good. But in my opinion and a few others Wahoo kind of sits on top of all of them. They are very very fast. They are probably number three. The fastest fish in the world is the sailfish. The Atlantic sailfish to be exact. They swim around 60 miles an hour. Then when you hook onto them it is absolutely unbelievable. It is a bad feeling when you are in the boat trying to run them down going as fast as the boat will go And it is still keeping the line tight. It's actually kind of a cool feeling lol. A mako shark is also one of the fastest. Just feeling the two of them, I would guess the Mako and the Wahoo are probably about the same.

    Rog RamboRog Rambo11 օր առաջ
  • Hey rob what model fillet silver tag knife do you use on your videos? Looks amazingly sharp everytime.

    Domingo HernandezDomingo Hernandez12 օր առաջ
  • Grand Bahamas has no bad angle it’s a beautiful island

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  • 7:42 Us men in our natural state...😂😂

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  • I love your videos I love the one of you and your son camping on the island in Stuart boat show all your videos are great I love the way you articulate everything keep them coming

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  • People in canada👁👄👁🙄🙄🙄🙄

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  • accent is msg

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  • Amazing Camaraderie on the high seas, more important than the fish caught. Jeff, amazing chopstick skills🥢🐟

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  • Love your content, just have to say that salt is salt, proven. The rest is cost and implied flavor that the expensive salt brings.

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  • You have my mouth watering.... Great video Bro

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  • If that is not the whitest sashimi I've ever seen. I'd still eat it

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  • Hands him a plate a food.. proceeds to eat the whole plate while it’s in the other guys hands.

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    • “Hey look at my new computer over there 👉 “ “oh wow 🙄 “ 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  • I just stumbled across this channel and I'm already a subscriber.

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  • Super cool man I would love to go on a boat and do some fishing that would be definitely something to remember

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  • I feel like im in nova scotia... haha atlesst youre an american who knows what real winter is rob 😂🤘

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  • What reel is that on the grappler? minute 9:20

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  • I know that the jar garlic is useable but full clove garlic is so much better if you are cooking at home and don't require the convenience. 😉

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  • 407-tree hundred- two seven four five Mahimahiaddiction 🎣🐟🏆

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  • Need to Order one of those Fillet Knife 🔪🗡️ Come on Rob

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  • I just can't help but notice how humble this man is. He doesn't seem like a typical outdoorsman.

    Chester BarlowChester Barlow17 օր առաջ
    • My thoughts exactly. The more I try to learn from people, the more I realize that a lot of outdoor people seem to be snarky, demeaning elitists.

      Andrew JacksonAndrew Jackson16 օր առաջ
  • I love the different hats you wear, very cool my friend! The fishing is amazing! My dream to do fishing like this!

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  • After them trips to Saipan dude is using kimchi base now yessir 😂

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  • Your videos are very entertaining and so fun I watch your videos with my 3 years nephew he loves the 🐟 you catch.

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  • why is the audio so bad ?

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  • Minus 9 F here this AM. Used 30 gallons of Propane overnight.

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  • Im hungry i miss sashimi

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  • Good evening Robert great video how is your family doing?

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  • Sashimi and poke if its fresh.

    Guy IbosGuy Ibos19 օր առաջ
  • Lol frost, it's negative 16 in Minnesota

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  • Sailfish is the fastest fish.

    Santiago RayaSantiago Raya19 օր առաջ
  • Travel all over the world hunting and fishing making AMworlds videos with his brother.... One lucky dog, where did I go wrong in life! 😭

    TJ VanEykTJ VanEyk19 օր առաջ
  • Hey day fishing on a boat when you see land behind you is better than any day at work even if you don't catch a fish but catch in a couple of fish would be nice. Great Cero. Awesome Escavechi

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  • Is that your boat

  • I’m always so curious, how miserable must one be, to not only dislike, but actually give a 👎🏻 to Rob’s videos? The video s are nothing but positive! Jealousy I guess. While I am a little jealous, it’s in a positive and admirable way! He does ives an amazing life, what’s not to be jealous of? Anyway! God bless you and your family sir! Love the videos!

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  • The black marlin is the fastest fish

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  • Him in Florida: WE HAVE FROST! Me, up in western North Carolina: I wonder how this guy would react to having to scrape your car windows in the morning. Let alone defrost...

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  • Oh so how much will it cost me to have you advertise my business ? This is not the same deer meet for dinner that i used to watch few years ago

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  • Nice video. Thanks for emphasizing the "clear customs" part of the trip, and thanks for staying a few days. Man that guy at 7:54 really scared me with those fingers by the hoo's mouth :o

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  • Best content on here !!

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  • I still remember when you pinned my comment on your wahoo video in Guam, no wahoos in this video but still an unbelievable video Rob! Keep doing whatcha do, take care and god bless!

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  • I've watched your Video and im Amazed.. Iwant to go fishing but can't afford to have fishing pole. Can I ask to have your extra one? Please...😭 Please email me @.

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    • Thanks for the advice buddy I seriously appreciate 🙏 the response 👍!

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    • I’d get a Mac laptop. Maybe check Craigslist...

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