Bamboo Dragon {Catch Clean Cook} Cast iron Cooking on Tropical Island

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It's an honor to have the opportunity to make videos like this and to tell my story! It's always a blast to spend time with Mike from @REEL COOL ADVENTURES and @Kendall Gray can't wait to do it again!!!
If you'd like to know more about the knives I use, please go to:
Here are some of the products I was using in this video!
Cast Iron Skillet:
Bulldog Air Rifle:
Citronella Torches:
Everglades Seasoning:
Folding Table:
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  • I'd love to see DMFD with Keith Warren and Matti Warren down in Texas. Take Deer Mom and can have a guys vs. the ladies hunt competition.

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  • I TOTALLY heard " we're gonna cook a bamboo dragon butt" I'm thinking hes gross.. 😆

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  • Iguana Man, Iguana Solution, and Airgun Evolution are three specialized Iguana hunters in South Florida. The later two don't eat them. So, you can certainly put those meat to good use, instead of giving them to vultures at the dump.

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  • You have the best videos on AMworlds. Every meal looks sooooo delicious 🤤

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  • Anyone that dislikes this hates flowers and trees and any other wildlife that’s suffering from from the dragons.

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  • Such a great video! Loved seeing KG hang with y’all and play real life call of duty on those dragons 🐉

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  • They look just like iguanas, same family I guess.

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  • Shoot them all right as they sit on the branches.

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  • This is barbaric

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    • Helping the environment? I know terrible.

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    • Yes we all are. But he is a particularly nice one :)

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  • Awesome Rob & All the best please 🔝👍👍❤️

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    • Did you watch any part of it??? He's clearly helping the environment

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  • absolutely epic footage, that drone was awesome. I loved how you showed the 1st one took so many shots to find your mark then once you found your zero it was on, great shooting. Thank you for keeping it real and not showing the misses as us mortals do lol

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  • Start killing humans too as they are destroying the global landscape!!!!!!!

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  • I have to say the crazy wildlife out in Florida is amazing tbh but we need to save our own animals

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  • Here's a rundown of white and dark meat if anyone cares lmao: dark meat is when muscles have more myoglobin (a protein that stores oxygen in muscle cells). This is for muscles that don't need fast bursts of energy, like walking. Light meat is for explosive bursts of energy and doesn't have nearly as much myoglobin making it lighter in color. Enjoy the new fact to tell your friends when you drink.

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  • 18:48 "go be stupid and make a video"

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  • Too bad there isn't someway they didn't start eating those poisonous flowers.. or mix them up in some concoction with something else and they eat it, or somehow sterilize them.. poison them without poisoning other stuff.. they are so weird or make a huge trap eith 2'x4 and netting them get em

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  • They’ve adapted to hide like squirrels 🐿. They try their best to be on the opposite side of the branch from you. We cured that by using 2 boats. Thus they are forced into line of site.

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  • Blowguns work sensational and pose zero risk to property! Check out Tim Wells aka “ relentless pursuit “ youtube channel. I had seen a vid of him eviscerating these with his broadhead blow darts

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  • My favorite piece of iguana meat is the jaw muscles on those big males. I cut them out on my last real big one. Absolutely amazing. Along with everything else on the iguana. I even fried up the heart with Everglades Breader. Sooo good!

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